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We Make it Easy to Learn Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and More - No Matter What Your Skill Level ...

Don't take our word for it...
See for yourself how fast and easy it is to take your MS skills to the next level!















Don't Let the Lack of Computer Skills Hold YOU Back... Learn How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet in Just 15 Minutes!

Improving your computer skills is essential to increase productivity or job skills through better use of computers, which has a direct effect on profitability or your personal pocket book. In fact, going from unskilled to skilled employment positions can increase your annual income by $6000.00.

Overcome All Your Obstacles and Take Your Microsoft Skills to the Next Level.

The biggest obstacle for most people is classroom training. It's very time consuming and expensive... and frankly some people think it's just too difficult to learn or are resistant to learn. The alternative, using trial and error on your own, can eat up tons of valuable time and frustrate you from ever becoming proficient…and if you are like most people, you don't like always asking for help from others because it can become very annoying, or at least it feels that way.

See for Yourself How Computrain Solutions Beats the Others on Value--Hands Down!

It's like having the Certified Microsoft Trainer next to you showing you step by step and every move ... and, you can "make them" back up as many times as you want.

Easy to learn at your own pace and fit the time into your schedule:

Simple to go back and review later if you forget how to do specific tasks.

Beat's the cost of classroom training which can cost $ 100's to several $ 1000 to take all these courses.

With your own "library", have it available for all current and future employees.


Crystal clear resolution


Fully interactive - you can follow along on your Desktop.


Built-in auto run - nothing to preload or install to your computer


Taught by MS Certified Trainers

It's like having the Certified Microsoft Trainer next to you showing you step by step and every move ... at anytime and anyplace you want.

According to our customers' feedback, our products are better than all of our competitors' due to better resolution, learning screen is twice as big, much easier to use, and best of all - NO ADVERTISEMENT ADDED ON!  From the beginning to the end, it's all packed with training.

Partial corporate customer list includes:
  » Bank of America
  » United States Air Force
  » U.S. Army
  » U.S. Navy
  » South Dakota Transportation
  » Missippi Business Resource
  » California Higher Education
  » Michigan Disabled People Training Asso.
  » Michigan Work!
  » Ross’s Learning Center
  » Halliwell Jones
  » Bancroft Construction
15 CDs Video Training - includes beginner, intermediate and advance courses
MS Word XP
MS Excel XP
MS Access XP
MS Outlook XP
MS Power Point XP
15 CDs Video Training - beginner, intermediate and advance courses
MS Word XP
MS Excel XP
MS Windows XP
MS Outlook XP
MS Power Point XP
Select any 5 out of 21 courses
Providence Mortgage
Portland Schools Foundation
Latin American Association
Pierce Industries
Workforce Developent
Scandinavian Airlines
NorthWest Airline
American Airline
University of Hue
Vietnam’s Polytech Hanoi
Australian International
Polymedco Inc.
Intel international

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