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Computer Training Help Computer professionals are constantly required to upgrade their computer skills according to the changing requirements of the industry. A software developer or a hardware expert can expect his/her skills to become obsolete if they do not upgrade their skill at the right time.
Attending a school or college is not feasible for computer professionals because of the time commitments that they have towards their jobs. Hence, the best option for them is to pursue a course or a computer training help that would upgrade their skills while they perform their professional duties. You can learn in your leisure time and use it productively to enhance your career.
Computer-based training can help meet the following training challenges















Computrain Solutions LLC (Click here for more information) provide accredited training to all in the community and to help make individual to fulfill their ambition of gaining skills and finding work. The company has also expanded it services including Computer Training Help to local community groups to develop their efficient use of computer.


Before using the training help, most of computer users often have the following questions in mind:

  • Is it difficult to follow Computer Training Help?
  • Is Computer Training Help more expensive than traditional training help?

But later, they soon discover that the benefits in using computer training are huge:
• Convenient - As more and more people struggle to balance the demands of work and home, training help allows people to learn from work, home and on the road.
• Relevant - Since courses and content deal with the most current topics, the training is applicable to a person's career and business objectives.
• Immediate - Because training can be delivered via the Internet, CD, it allows people to begin their training now, with just a few mouse clicks.
• Affordable - The bottom line is cost savings. Corporations save between 50-70% due to elimination of travel expenses according to Training Magazine.
Computer training also eliminates lost opportunity expenses. The time spent away from the job traveling or sitting in a classroom cuts down on an employee’s productivity.
• Fun - By providing only the highest-quality interactive content, the training help not only effectively keeps people up-to-date, but interested as well.
• Valuable courses that will raise your earning power - Learn from leading companies and experts right at home or at work; you don't need to travel anywhere to get online training. And students can often get their employer to pay for computer training.
• Easy to Use - you only need an internet browser or CD-Rom, HTML based and designed to load quick and get you learning fast; tested and proven online training designs with step by step, easy walk through. Features include: Bookmarks where you are so you can easily return; easily move from one section of a course to a specific section within another course.
• Useful, effective help - Lots of help in the training help
• Great return on your investment - affordable computer training - up to 93% cheaper than instructor led courses, online training is cost effective and easy on your pocketbook. Where else can you get access to a large library of online courses for pennies a day?
• Interactive - simulations have learners do what they are learning which leads to greater retention of covered material; accommodates different learning styles through audio, visual graphics, testing and printable exercises with PDF downloadable files for extra practice.
• Self Directed and Convenient- learn at your own pace, quickly or take your time. Focus on what you need - skip what you know or don't need. Or, repeat sections. You're always in control of learning where, when, and how you want with unlimited access 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.
• Complete lessons - learn subjects in depth - Course glossaries included, no dictionaries needed; Built in notes, tips, quick references, detail links, and simulations; with exercises and practice files that increase your retention, up your level of involvement and keep the material fresh.

Computer Training Help Take a look at these training benefit details, and I think you'll agree that computer training help is really the new way of easiest and the most affordable way to learn your computer skills.
With the computer help, you can collect a lot of tips to apply for popular soft wares (Microsoft Office) or hard wares and upgrade your own computer skills. There are a lot of skills for you to learn to deal with any problem you have to face when using a computer, but in the limitation of the article, just some of useful computer skills will be introduced to you:

      1. How to safely uninstall a Windows Program
Whenever possible it is usually best to remove a program using the "Add or Remove Programs" tool in Windows or the uninstallation utility provided by the software manufacturer.
Most software written for Windows installs more than just its program files on to your computer. They also install configuration data in the Windows Registry. The uninstallation process when done  safely will remove the files and registry entries for you automatically.
This is the process you should use to uninstall a program using the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" tool.


      2. How to deal with trojan-paralyzed systems
The message you get “Window can not find mueexe.exe” when your AV program has quarantined or deleted a trojan horse (whose name in this case is mueexe.exe). What has happened is that the trojan took over the registry association to most .exe files (there are a few exceptions).
The first step is obviously to restore the association. Problem is, regedit.exe won't open, so it needs to be renamed to in DOS (it will also work with a screensaver extension - .scr). However, editing the registry is something that the average user has little or no experience of, and in many cases has a real fear of.
Edit-SI and Edit-WI simplify the process of editing out any trojan reference after the shell=explorer.exe in system.ini, or after the load= or run= lines in win.ini. Startup Log generates a text file to the desktop showing all trojan startup locations - useful for establishing if there is anything else on the system once the initial problem has been sorted out. Startup Log is also recommended if you think a system has been compromised in any way, or if your firewall is noting excessive activity. It's as much a way of eliminating a possible cause as it is a way of identifing a lurker.
With the early versions of SubSeven, the trojan file was non-configurable, so it was easy to spot files such as windows.exe, msrexe.exe, rundll16.exe etc.
The latest versions are configureable, so pretty much any strangely-named .exe is 99% (give or take) likely to be a trojan. The simple fact is that few of the current AV programs are effective in dealing with these buggers, and, in many cases, actually exacerbate the problem.
Until they get their act together, it's better NOT to recommend using an AV program to get rid of trojans. If trojans can be identified using the Startup Log, it's much better to prevent the trojan from loading by deleting the startup string in the registry, or calls from win.ini, system.ini, autoexec.bat or the startup group, then deleting the trojan file itself. This can be achieved either via a manual edit, or by using MSCONFIG in Win98 or Startup Cop in Win95. These methods are not just limited to SubSeven trojans, using that particular breed of nasties as the variants seems to be the most "widespread".

      3. How to troubleshoot your PC problems
The challenge with a problem is not so much the solution but figuring out what the actual problem is. For instance: if the computer crashes when you go to print a document you might automatically assume it's a problem with the printer, but the problem might actually be a cable connection problem, a corrupted software file, a conflict with another software program running at the same time, a virus or any number of other problems. By doing some basic troubleshooting you can effectively identify problems and get farther down the path to an actual solution. Also, if you need to call a manufacturers help-line, the call will be much more productive if you've done some troubleshooting before hand.

  • Before you do anything:
    Check your mental state and don’t panic! My personal theory to computer problems is that there is a direct connection between the amount of stress a user is under and the number of times a computer will crash. Chances are that when you are in a rush to get a document out the door, you will forget to close open applications, or to save your work and you will send too many commands (like printing, spell-check, etc.) at once. If you're moving fast on the computer, it pays to take a moment, take a deep breath, close unnecessary programs and save your work. Also, if you're trying to solve a problem that your computer is having, you will need full mental capabilities. So if you're feeling frustrated and tired while trying to troubleshoot - take a break! You’ll find you’ll solve your problems much faster if you have a fresh mind and attitude. Don’t panic either. Sometimes computer problems can appear to be much more serious than they really are. Panicking can lead you to jump to a solution of a perceived problem before you’ve actually identified the real problem.
  • Some initial steps:
    Check the component's documentation and/or the manufacturer's website.
    The appendix of most manuals will contain a troubleshooting guide that will identify the most common problems the component may have. Most software installations include placing a read me file in the programs directory that will list all known incompatibilities. Manufacturer websites can be extremely helpful as well, with support pages that will direct you to common problems and solutions that may include a software "patch" that can be downloaded directly from the site and then run on your hard drive.
  • Check for Viruses:
    Any strange behavior on a computer could be due to a virus. Use an anti-viral program to scan your system - and follow the instructions on the use of the anti-viral program closely.
  • Use diagnostic utilities:
    Software crashes can often be caused by corrupted files or registry conflicts. Using a program like Window's Scan Disk (found under System Tools in the Accessories folder on your program menu) can identify and fix corrupted files. Norton Utilities has a program called "System Check" that both checks the integrity of your files and looks for software conflicts and will repair problems.
    - If none of those steps work - it's time to use your brain!
    Ask yourself - when did the problem I’m experiencing first start?
    - If you made any change, such as installing new software or adding hardware, to the computer and now you are having a problem, chances are the change is the cause. Also, while you're trying to identify problems and solutions remember to make only one change to your system at a time, so you can easily trace your steps.
    - Determine if the problem is repeatable or if it is intermittent.
    A repeatable problem is one that occurs all the time, or always in response to a specific user action. For example, if the computer crashes every time you print a document - that’s a repeatable problem. An intermittent problem will appear to happen spontaneously or randomly. An intermittent problem is usually the result of a specific set of circumstances happening occasionally. With these problems it is important to try to establish a pattern involved in the problem. Keep a problem log at the computer and try to write down all the circumstances occurring when the crash occurred, including the most minute detail.
  • Use the process of elimination
    Start to remove components from your system one at a time after you remove a component test to see if the problem still exists. This is a great way to figure out if the problem is caused by a conflict between software programs and/or hardware. Start by removing the most recently installed stuff first.

Computer Training Help As mentioned above, there are many interpretations of Computer Training Help for you to follow. And what you should do is just to pace yourself with Computer Training Help. We all know that practically every job these days involves the computer; Computer Training Help is an essential and practical way to further your education. Perhaps you want to go for a job promotion, but you need to be certified in a specific computer application. Computer training will allow you the freedom to further your studies at your own pace so you can nail that promotion. Maybe your corporation instituted new bookkeeping software and needs its employees up to speed as soon as possible in the new software. Computer Training Help is a great way to effectively train you while reducing the cost of training in an off-site facility.
If saving time and money is important, then Computer Training Help is the perfect solution for continuing education and furthering job skills. For individuals, you can learn at your own pace and choose the time you decide conduct your computer training. Convenient, affordable and effective … Computer Training Help is the best way to broaden your horizons and achieve your goals.



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15 CDs Video Training - beginner, intermediate and advance courses
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