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Microsoft Windows XP Training Video

Consists of 3 CD Videos:
Microsoft Windows XP  - Beginner, Intermediate & Advance
This Microsoft Windows XP Pro Training Video program will expand your knowledge of Windows XP. You will become familiar with Windows explorer by finding, opening, saving and deleting files. You'll learn about folders and how to create, rename, move and delete them. We teach you to customize the Windows XP interface by working with the desktop, taskbar, start menu and my documents. You'll take a look at the control panel by changing settings and adding/removing hardware and software. You become familiar with system tools and learn to utilize them to maintain a healthy computer. You'll learn to use mobility tools like remote desktop and remote assistance. You'll explore windows messenger and learn to communicate using your pc.  Microsoft Windows XP Training Video consist of 3 CD videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced learner.

Microsoft Windows XP Training Video - Course Description
Microsoft Windows XP Training Video Basic

Overview of XP


Where XP fits in Windows family


New Features of XP


XP Home OS and engine


Recommendation Hardware


Logging On and the Desktop


Logging On


Using the mouse


Orientation taskbar/start menu


Working with Windows


Minimize and maximize a window


Select applications from taskbar


Taskbar grouping feature


Moving windows


Resizing windows


XP Application Programs


Touring a typical window


Built in applications


Internet Explorer


Outlook Express


My computer


Paint and WordPad


Media player and speech


Other free programs


How to Use Help and Support


Accessing Help and Support


Using help and support center


Understanding Help categories


Configuring Help and Supports


Remote assistance wizard


Using windows msg for RA


Using Internet Explorer


Understanding IE


Configuring general settings


Logging Off


Logging Off


Using Switching


Shutting Down

Microsoft Windows XP Training Video Intermediate  

Activating XP


Product activation


Setting the restore point


If you change your computer


Working with the Desktop


Active desktop basics


Customizing the active desktop


Desktop icons


Configuring desktop themes


Changing the background


Changing the screen saver


Customizing taskbar settings


Panes, Menus, and the Toolbar


Touring the Panes


Menu options




Keyboard Shortcuts for XP


Keyboard shortcuts


Cut, copy and paste


F1 for Help


Windows + F for Find


PrtScn to capture the screen


Working with Files and Folders


Crating and renaming files


Creating and renaming folders


Selecting files and folders


Sorting files and folders


Copying and moving files and folders


Deleting files and folders


Setting folder options


Searching files and folders


Use the Favorites options


Adding new favorites


Adding favorites to help\support


Working with Shortcuts


Adding shortcuts to desktop


Changing shortcuts settings


Deleting shortcuts


Personalizing XP


Setting the and date


Customizing sounds and media


Personalize the mouse


Working with Power Management


Copying Information and Media with XP


Formatting floppy disks


Copying to floppy disks


Copy files to CD


Copy music from CD


Copy music to CD

Microsoft Windows XP Training Video Advance  

Maintaining your Computer System


F8 menu and options


Recovery console


System restores




Driver rollback


Disk cleanup


User Accounts


Adding users


Modifying user configuration


User passwords


Forgotten password wizard


Net Passport


Changing user Logon


Fast user switching


Updating and Improving Windows


Windows update


Automatic mode


Windows catalog


Scheduling tasks


Computer mgt tools


Adding Programs and making them work


Adding new windows programs


Program and User profiles


Installing extra components


Removing windows applications


Compatibility mode


Program compatibility


Adding & working with printers


Adding printers


Customizing printer properties


Connecting to a Network printer


Sharing security on a LAN


Sharing security wizard


Local sharing


Network sharing


Listing other computers on network


Giving other permission to see your folders


Accessing Network Resources


Accessing files/folders/printers over the network


Adding network connections to my network place


Mapping a drive to a network shared drive

Microsoft Windows XP Training Video Conclusion